Sonic Frontiers Phono One SE or SE+ Phono Preampl

I am looking for a Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 SE or SE+ phono preamp in good condition. Only gold faceplate. Please let me know the condition and your asking price.
Thank you!
You will have better success if you post a "wanted" add instead of posting in the forum. I think it is against froum rules to post wanted ads in the forum.
LOL! What Brf said.

I am looking to sell a 5 foot 15A Dream State Audio Lucid Dream power cord. 8/10 condition, asking price is $695.

Hey Brf, this could be a cheaper way to circumvent paying those nasty fees!! LOL!!
With only 1 post to his history, I wonder how this got past the mods???
Someone fell asleep at the wheel. ;)