Sonic Frontiers Pearl Tube Coolers Necessary?

~~~~Amp in question is Power 2 SE. Dealer, amp was bought from, says "no".
Pearl Tube coolers did not come with my Power 2 either, and the dealer told me that they were not necessary. I think this is true because the only input tubes that seem to get really hot are the two front ones, which means, you should get some sort of tube dampener or cooler for just that pair, but it seems as if input tubes are sooo plentiful and affordable these days, that in the long run will not make much difference.

Pearl tube coolers come standard on both the regular and SE edition of the Power series of amplifiers. Two Pearl coolers are used on the JAN Philips 5687 tubes only, not the six 6922. Your dealer should secure these tube coolers for you from SF, as they are supposed to come with the amp. I suspect that you dealer says they don't matter because he failed to provide them for your when he sold you the amp. Whether they make a difference or not, I personally don't know, but SF must of thought that they were necessary. Just my 2 cents.
I have a recently purchased Power2. The tube coolers were not included. I contacted SF about this and was told and in the beginning the tube coolers were included with the amps. They stopped including them after awhile although the manual still shows these as included in the parts list. SF never got around to updating the manual to delete this item. I run my Power 2 without the coolers and the general thought is that they're not really needed. Good Luck!

~~~~We know they got out of "High End Audio". I am curious as to their reasoning of discontinuing a once "essential" and included part?

~~~~Did S/F stop including them because they:
Were not necessary?
Did not want to spend any more money than they had to?
Would get more sales of replacement tubes?
Ran out of stock and did not want to restock?

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