Sonic Frontiers, Myth or Reality?

I read this thread, last week stating that the SONIC FRONTIERS as a corporation was at a risk of shutting down. I do not know what to think of this, as I have heard it again from a dealer who was questioning people purchasing expensive components from a company in such a shaking ground. I understand that people like Kevin at UPSCALE AUDIO are behind SF products 100%, but is it possible that some dealers are simply carrying products XXX% from original and this is a true sign that the comp is on the verge of death? Or maybe, the other dealer was bad mouthing SF due to business lost to SF. PAUL
I am having my Power 3 repaired by the factory and is in its way to me (California) at this momment. I spoke to them numerous times during the process. They may have some financial trouble, but they seem to be normal operationally.
Nothing to worry about.I have been going in and out of the plant for almost a year.The activity has not changed.I have had the Op to sit and listen to some of the new HT gear they are working on and its great gear.The Parts Connection is on solid footing and provide great service.Take advantage of the great bargins on their stuff it wont last forever.
I think that SF was in trouble at one time not so long ago but since Paradigm(who are probably cash rich) bought them out things are better. Its not clear as to why some of their products are supposedly going "cheap" but they do make quality gear and are releasing new products.
They offer excellent customer service & returned my emails and a phone call last week faster than most other audio companies & my SF cd player sounds AWESOME ! If there are deals out there jump on them !
they were bought by paradigm which is rich.they are marketing the anthem line that is cheaper .they have many new equipment every time and are moving to home theater.they just got out a new procesor and a 5 channel amp.the truth is volume .the more expensive the less volume you get so they are just following the market .the sonic frontiers line is unchanged but happy and if the main company is doing well your support is assured,i'am a happy owner of sf.recently my pre started hissing and the tube was not it but my dealer got a hold of there tec dept on the phone a fax later on how to fix it and i was in business again great co and great dealer.