Sonic Frontiers line2 preamp

hi, just got above preamp, had trouble powering on, Standby button seems stuck (no movement)managed to power on using standby button on remote. when statring up 3 red leds come on, after a few seconds 1 at front goes out but 2 at the rear stay on , what do they indicate/.cant find any reference in manual.thanks steve Martin
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Normal is that front red led goes out after standby is pressed and preamp goes to operation. The rear ones stay on all the time during operation.
Front panel may need attention as push buttons if inactive for long time may not have contact for operating the relays. It could happen to most of them but not all. Try to keep them pressed for a while to see what happens 
Or you fix it or you operate the unit through the remote control.

HI, thanks very much for your response, answered my questions very quickly. Regards Steve