sonic frontiers line-3 vs pass labs x-1

I just replaced my fpb-200 with a Pass X-350(my god what an improvement). I currently have it mated to a line-3 with amperex 7308's in the output and Dunlavy 4a's. Source is a EMC-1 mk2. I was intrested to know if anyone has had experience with both of these preamps in a similiar system. I would like to hear the x-1 but dont know if its worth going to the trouble of selling the line-3.Thanks.
Two completely differentsounds. The X-1 is very neutral and dynamic but not really a warm sounding preamp. The SF has the tube qualities but will loose a little bass slam compared to the Pass IMHO.
I owned a Line 3 before the Aleph P and the SF had tremendous authority, including slam! The Aleph P is kind of tuby and not etched and dry like some systems I have heard.
I simplified my system otherwise Line 3 might still be in play as it was considered the finest pre I had heard and easily rivals my P. The features on the Line 3 are excellent and I do miss the remote and mono features from time to time...

Enjoy the music...
Line 3 are great (I have the SE), but it's not a good match with Pass which I also used to own. Pass is sensitive to the pre amp it is connected to, my experience with Line 3 SE with X-350 was less than stellar. A friend brought his X-1 over and it transformed the sound completely - more body, more coherent, and more musical.

But Line 3 with many other amps will sing better than X-1 & X-350. So I sold the X-350.
Your interest in home theater, alongside your no compromise approach to hifi drew my interest. I'm a former audio professional and pass dealer. currently I'm running
Nottingham Spacedeck/SpaceArm, GradoRefSonata
Pass XOno
Pass X2.5
Pass X250
Pass X3
Totem Hawks
W/Cardas,AudioQuest and Totem Cabling
to this I add a full on HT experience 92" Screen 5.2System
Denon 2900 SACD/DVDA
My home system evolved basied on evaluations done in the store,many slow afternoons were spent experimenting, things that worked there I would try in my system. In my listening pass amps are happiest paired with pass preamps. also your phono stage will be happiest as well. You my find your system can be enhanced further by tweaking your room and your cabling. The "Round" tube-like sound you seek is possible. Let me know I you have interrest in my cabling tests
Hi, I have owned both-- still own the L3, T3 SE+, P3 SE+, and PH 1 SE powered by Levinson #336. "All Pass" is very synergistic and tough to beat, albeit a little clinical if the room hasn't been treated properly. I agree with Semi and Goodears, Pass done right is very coherent and satisfying. But, synergized SF gear simply does tube right. If you stick with the tube gear go for pcX's SE+ upgrades, excellent upgrade/value. Here are my delicious tube recipes: L3= Siemens 6U8A (sweet wetness), Philips SQ E188CC (refined and controlled high end), Siemens E188CC in last 8 positions(liquid and involving mids). P3= Siemens 6922 (clean, coherent, nice immediacy, slight tizz gives energy top end). PH 1= Philips SQ E188CC (delicate and refined, gets out of the way).

What you think about the sfl-3 with J.Rowland model 1?
please let me know,because I have to decide for this preamp.
Thanks to all.