Sonic frontiers Line 3? vs. BAT?

Wnated to hear from any satisfied (or not) owners of the Sonic Frontiers Line 3, and especially from anyone who might have auditioned it vs. a BAT VK%i or VK%iSE. I own onw of the latter anbd, though I love the sound, the ergonomocs and remote contrl functionality leave a bit to be desired. If I could, I would upgrade to the VK50SE without a blink..but that'll have to wait a while. In the meantime, I see a lot Line 3 on sale, brand new for very reasonable prices. Since the Line 3 has the ergonomics and functionality in the remote I am looking for, considering selling my BAT and buying one. Would appreciate any inputs. Auditioning is, as usual, out of the question since I live in the Cinti wasteland (as far as hi fi goes, anyway)

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The BAT VK5i pulls it out and wizzes all over the SF 3!!!!! The BAT is where it's AT!!!!