Sonic Frontiers Line 3 vs. BAT VK-5i

Im trying to choose between these two preamps. I have heard the VK-5i, however, I didnt listen to the line 3. Some say its good. I know i need to listen for myself to be sure, but there's no dealer around. Please help and im only inertested in these two preamps
Sorry to be intrusive against your request but I have owned both of these preamps and have ditched them both (Check out ads in Audigon over last 6 months) along with over a dozen other preamps for the Wyetech Jade. Check out their website and read the rave reviews. I have one you could try in your home if you are VERY
I've owned the Line 3 for about 2 months. I auditioned the BAT VK50SE, the 5i's big brother at the same time. The Line 3 has better base and they tie in the imaging department. The Line the also has a more extended high end and is dead quiet. The BAT is slightly more musical, the Line 3 more neutral. Go to the Sonic Frontiers web site for reviews. For me the decision was cost. I purchased the Line 3 here on Audiogone with new warranty cards etc for $2650. What amp and speakers do you have? My Line 3 tamed my Krell KSA200s and Thiel 3.6s into a most musical liquid sound. Also upgraded to Alpha Core interconnects/speaker wire that made vast improvements.
If you like the VK-5i then it seems to me you will not like the Line 3. The VK5i involves you in the music and is forward in the true sense of that term (ie. not bright, but images are in front of the speakers) which is a matter of taste. When you use all the usual listening criteria the line 3 impresses, but when you try to boogie to the music there is curiously something missing. This is a very controversial topic, but for me the Line 3 has no obvious flaw except that it is boring musically. And no I do not like colorations instead. It is about the way the notes start and stop that means the rhythm in the music does not engage you. Apologies to Keis - I can very well imagine the beneficial effects of a Line 3 on the Krell/Thiel combination, and it may well be that the liveliness of the Krell and Thiel overcome what I hear as the Line 3's faults. Owning a pair of 3.6s myself I am utterly sympathetic to the quest to tame its flaws and enjoy its magnificent attributes - but it is not easy.
I've heard that boring comment from several reviewers and can relate to it. I find the Line 3 does tame the aggressive tendencies of the Thiels and possibly the Krell amp. However the music doesn't sound boring to me. It doesn't leap out and grab you by the ears but it sure sounds like live music to me. Its interesting (Stereophile review of the SF 300 watt tube amp) to hear people complain about a component sounding too neutral. Tastes vary and I get excited about a system with a more detailed or envolving sound also, for about a day, then listening fatuge sets in. I can enjoy music on the Line 3 all day and night. I couldn't do that with my old ARC LS2B.
The BAT will sound more like the natural harmonics of music. The SF is to much like the Audio Research SS preamps (Cold & lifeless).
I agree with Darrell,In having tried both,the bat is warmer in character it seems like the line 3 was designed to sound more like solid state.A preamp which i consider musical and very true to the music is the,JOULE ELECTRA LA-200MK3,found used around $2200 to $2600 range.I've had incredible results using it with both solid state and tube pwr amps.GOOD LUCK.