Sonic frontiers Line 3? vs. BAT?

Wnated to hear from any satisfied (or not) owners of the Sonic Frontiers Line 3, and especially from anyone who might have auditioned it vs. a BAT VK%i or VK%iSE. I own onw of the latter anbd, though I love the sound, the ergonomocs and remote contrl functionality leave a bit to be desired. If I could, I would upgrade to the VK50SE without a blink..but that'll have to wait a while. In the meantime, I see a lot Line 3 on sale, brand new for very reasonable prices. Since the Line 3 has the ergonomics and functionality in the remote I am looking for, considering selling my BAT and buying one. Would appreciate any inputs. Auditioning is, as usual, out of the question since I live in the Cinti wasteland (as far as hi fi goes, anyway)
My recommendation is to stick with the BAT. Upgrade to the VK50SE when you can and avoid the SF Line 3. I did not like it at all in my system. I found it lifeless. The BAT equipment is as good as anything I have heard.

I listened to so many preamps (cost no object) in my system and the BAT was the best overall product. I would also recommend the ARC Ref2 over the SF3 as well.
I have compared the Bat equipment (preamp) to the SF Line 3 and chose the SF Line 3. The sound is definetly "neutral", a favorite of mine. I also like the separate power supply and find that the build quality is exceptional. I did replace two (2) of the stock 6922's w/ Amperex Jan 7308's, made a world of difference.
The BAT VK5i pulls it out and wizzes all over the SF 3!!!!! The BAT is where it's AT!!!!
I love my Sonic Frontiers. It adds absolutely nothing to the sound of my system-exactly what I want.
I auditioned the line 2 and the BAT VK5i and preferred the line 2 because of it's neutrality and overall presentation. I then traded the line 2 for a line 3 and love it. It does exactly what I want it to do; get out of the way of the music. The cute little hockey puck remote is a bonus. My line 3 is feeding a SS amp if that helps you at all. You can't go wrong waiting to buy a 50se.
I have auditioned the Line 3 with 300B feeding Mezzo Utopia and Line 3 into Bryston 7B into B&W 801. Both have provided a top notch presentation. Have heard BAT into Thiel and don't think it compares anywhere close to the L3. I guess it depends on your system too.
I have both BAT VK50-SE and SF Line 3. I listen mainly to jazz(and a lot of female vocals at that) and classical. Only occasional Blues, Rock, new age. I perfer the BAT over the Line 3 as BAT has a bit of warmth without losing any detail. However, SF Line 3 is a very good pre-amp it is very, very detailed and neutral. On some types of tracks (jazz and classical gutiar) I believe I would go for the SF Line 3, but overall I prefer the BAT.
I spoke with Kevin at Upscale Audio, and he said the SFL3 could be "voiced" by changing just 2 tubes. Wondering if you tried this and whether this would improve the warmth. I listen mostly to classical (orchestral and opera) and jazz (including big band music), though I will also play rock, pop and blues occassionally. Since you have both pre's...any differences in terms of soundtaging (depth, width, instrument placement), perceived image "size", and perceived image "placement" (laid back vs forward, in the "good" sense of the word).
Line 3 Strengths: delivers musical power and detail complete with a deep and sometimes very wide soundstage [recording dependent] past the outside edges. Weaknesses: - Similar Products Used: anthem pre 1, line 1 and line 2, audible illusions, arc, ml Review Summary: having lived with an anthem pre 1 for quite sometime the step up was incredible as you would expect. the line 3 delivered right out of the box an immediate improvement in dynamics and power making my amplifier perform far better. easily the most important audio improvement in my music delivery. after 18 months of use i can say no down time with the line 3 and it seems to have finally stopped delivering improved sound quality. the line 3 is in play a minimum of 20 hours a week and at times 2-4 hours per serious listening. I must admit the line 3 is an all time best in my system. p.s. the remote was a non selling feature, however I couldn't live without it now. looking forward to using all the inputs and outputs when money becomes no object.