Sonic Frontiers Line 3

Recently acquired Line 3. Has Sovtek 6922s, sounds very good. What tubes would others recommend as replacements? Also, when I removed the cover to place tubes in sockets, noticed circuit boards covered in dust. SHould dust be removed; from power supply unit as well? How to remove dust, use artists paint brush. Thanks for into.
Mine is a stock SE, came with all Siemen and sound was a bit too clean for my taste. I will recommend decent tubes in the buffer stage and exeriment with all good NOS in the driver stage. Sound is very personal, what I like doesn't mean you will necessarily like.

You can also use compressed air for computer to clean out dust, and dust is never good in electronic.
When you clean the preamp with air...don't remove the tubes first. You would blow dust into the pin connections if they are empty.
If you use compressed air and leave the tubes in, be very careful not to spray the air on the tubes, or they may crack.