Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2

Anybody could compare this 2 preamplifiers ?
I´m loocking for a tube preamplifier. For my money I can buy one of this 2 models. Unfortunally I can´t compare them. I want real tube sound. many people say that Sonic Frontiers Line series sound like ss preamplifier.
I will apreciate all your recomendations.

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I use a very tricked out SF Line 3, and also have had an SFL-2. The Line 3 is a superb preamp- very neutral, however the SFL-2 is also excellent, and has the ability to add some 'body' if the rest of your components are perhaps not as 'fleshed out' as you might like. I would not recommend the SFL-2 with an amp that is more 'colored' (i.e.- an old CJ), as it may be too much of a good thing. IMO the SFL-2 (which uses a full-size outboard power supply) is superior to the Line 2, however the Line 3 (with proper modifications) is the best- assuming of course you value utmost neutrality as I do.