Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2

Anybody could compare this 2 preamplifiers ?
I´m loocking for a tube preamplifier. For my money I can buy one of this 2 models. Unfortunally I can´t compare them. I want real tube sound. many people say that Sonic Frontiers Line series sound like ss preamplifier.
I will apreciate all your recomendations.

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The SFL-2 is a fairly lean sounding unit for a tube piece. Although the Line series is considered even more lean, I would hardly characterize the SLF-2 as full & tubey. Of course, the Sovtek 6922's have their typical lean and dry sonics, which makes me shy away from any 6922 based preamp, especially with the outrageous prices for NOS tubes of this family. The Line 3 is considered a reference unit; very revealing but on the clinical, sterile side. With its twelve 6922 tubes, I've stayed away from it. The LIne 2 has only 6 tubes, so perhaps tube rolling would be a consideration to obtain a fuller sound.