Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Tube Position

A few months ago I bought the Line 2SE Preamplifier with Valvo original stock tubes, so I had to replace them.
I´ve just bought two Matched pair of Amperex 6922PQ White Label made in USA, because many people recomended them as one of the best 6922 tubes.
I bought a new matched pair of Russian Reflector 6H23NEB for the third pair.
I want to know your experience about tubes position.
As I red the most important is the L1-LV1 line(the back line), then the L2-LV2 (center line) and finally the L3-LV3 line (the front Line).
So I use the Amperex in L1-LV1 and L2-LV2, and the Reflektor in the L3-LV3.
Is it the best posittion ? Because tubes are new, they must be burn in, for the moment it is too difficult to listen differents if I change the position.
Please let me know your experience, because many people give more priority to the L3-LV3 line.
There is an extensive thread regarding the line 1 and tube placement. It was last updated sometime last month. If you haven't read it yet it should answer most questions you may have regarding tube placement and different tube sonics. The short answer is yes you have them setup in the optimal position, the back two rows are the most crucial.
First..... LV2/V2..middle row
Second...LV1/V1..back row
Third......LV3/V3..front row
I'm surprised you had to change out the Valvos. Tubes last many thousands of hours in these preamps. Did you test them? If not, don't throw them out. BTW I run Amperex 7308 in the LV1/V1 positions, and the Valvos in the other.
I just want to add that I found great improvment by using Symposium shelf and rollerblocks with my line2 SE.