sonic frontiers line 2 owners

I received my new line 2 preamp last week and have been leaving it running everyday since. After the first couple of days it made an improvement in opening up but after that it seems to have leveled off, sounds like someone threw blankets over my speakers. No detail and my bass is almost gone, sounds filtered like some marantz and bob carver stuff I auditioned, Ick. Does anyone else have this problem with thier preamp. I used to have a conrad johnson pfr which sparkled and had plenty of slam, had to let it go because it wasn't compatible with my other components.
You should contact your dealer for a replacement since it is a new unit and seems to have a problem.

Judging from my own experience with Line 3 and previous posts on opinions of others concerning sound signitures of SF Line series preamps, the results should be exact opposite; too much details and almost un-tube like analytical sound... Actually I am in the process of trying out NOS input tubes to "tame" the "sparkle."


FYI. For Line 3, the most important ones are the 2 on the same row as the 6u8a. If you just want a taste of the NOS, just change out the tubes on that row.

I found SF Line 3 to be quite nice, detail, sounds just like everything that was fed.

My Line 2 has none of the problems you mentioned. I'd either swap out the tubes or return it to your dealer. I did have one tube blow shortly after receiving my unit but that wasn't the fault of the preamp. It's been working fine ever since.
Did you get the Line 2 Special Edition? I have this pre and the break-in was extremely long. In my opinion, mine didn't really begin to sound "right" until I had two hundred hours of playing time. And, there were further improvments up to 400 - 500 hours.

It has, IMHO, become an incredibly nice pre. As long as nothing is broken, don't swap any tubes until you have the hours. If you have the Special Edition, the tubes of good quality; I've had no desire to make any changes since I got through the excruciating break-in.
DON'T WAIT! Call their service department right away! Don't tweak it, don't mess with it, that is if you want to be able to file a warranty claim. If you have to return it, ask them to ship a replacement if they can, because it could take a little time in shipping to Canada, fixing it, testing it, and shipping it back. We have SF gear and love it but found the service to a little slow. We had a new out of box line 3 d.o.a. and it took some time to get it repaired and returned, but no problems since.
It has been 4 weeks now that I have had this piece in my system and it is either painfully slow to break in or in need of better tubes. Sonic frontiers has not responded to any of my e-mails for help, I have mailed them each week since I hooked up my new preamp.

Phone: (905) 828-4575
Ask for Technical Support ext.240

You gotta call and get them engaged! If the service guy gives you the run around, ask to speak to a supervisor. You will need to get a little agressive (but be polite!) to get your needs taken care of.

By the way, from your name - are you a big wave surfer? I live on the coast near Maverick's :-)
Best of Luck