Sonic Frontiers Line 2 / Classe CP-60 for CAM-200

I have just secured a deal on the Classe CAM-200 monoblocs. I need recommendation on a matching preamp. I have shorlisted only 2 – Classe CP-60 and Sonic Frontiers Line 2. I’ve got mixed reception from my audiophile buddies so I just thought it’s better if I get more views from people over here.

I’m also planning to upgrade my speakers to B&W Signature 805 but some people suggest JM Labs Mini Utopia.

Kindly do not suggest other manufacturers since I am now narrowing my choices down and not wanting to have more options that will cause me further sleepless nights!

Thanks in advance.
I use a Sonic frontiers line 2 se with a Classe CA 200 with good results.
I"ve heard both with the CA200/201 and preferred the Sonic Frontiers. What speakers are you using now? What do or don't you like about their sound?
You have to decide on tube or solid state. As a former owner of the CP-60, I can't recommend it highly enough. The best SS preamp I ever owned or auditioned. That is a very extensive list too, including the likes of Krell and Levinson gear. That being said, I've currently forsaken SS for tubes, namely a BAT preamp. It's not as flexible as the Classe, and the bass isn't as strong, but there is something about the way it handles vocals that has me smitten.

Thanks for your responses guys. Looks like either one will do a good job!

Currently I'm using Classe CAP-100 integrated with B&W CDM 1SE speakers and no doubt I like the sound very much. It's just that I've seriously caught the bug. This will be my last upgrade for sure as I've spent my entire savings for this.