Sonic Frontiers Line 1 with Solid State Power Amp

Hi guys,
I am thinking of getting a solid state power amp to go along with Sonic Frontiers Line 1. I am currently pairing it with Power 2 but would like to try it with solid state amp. Any recommendation from anyone that have experienced out this configuration?
I once had a line 1 paired with a McCormack DNA-125, a very nice match, as the McCormack has a very clear sound, on the thin (but not bright) side, and matches well with the Line 1. Good luck.
I used a Bryston 3BST amp with a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 pre with nice results.
I use a Parasound HCA 806, 6 channel SS amp with my Line 1 into Totem Rokk speakers. I like the combination a lot.
Well I also have a Line 1 and am currently using it with a Bryston 4B ST. I love the combination works well together either balanced or SE..
Classé amplifiers (CAM350 or CAM200 Monoblocks) match perfect with SF Preamplifiers.
For best results you must use the balanced connections, so buy an amoplifier with fully balanced configuration.
What kind of speakers Ace? Are you looking for more power, or for a different sound than you're getting from the power 2?
I'm using it with Krell KSA 80B and it is Very, very Good. Once I've tried with DNA 0.5 to a good result also.