Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2,3 & SFL2 Rating

Would appreciate those familiar with the sonic differences in these pieces to offer their observations & thoughts. Some audiophiles love the SF sound, while others think it dry & lifeless. What's your opinion? And comparing them to AUDIO RESEARCH, CONRAD JOHNSON?
Have heard L3 into B&W 801 and compared to AR R2 into same speaker. Preferred L3.
Line 3 Strengths: delivers musical power and detail complete with a deep and sometimes very wide soundstage [recording dependent] past the outside edges. Weaknesses: - Similar Products Used: anthem pre 1, line 1 and line 2, audible illusions, arc, ml Review Summary: having lived with an anthem pre 1 for quite sometime the step up was incredible as you would expect. the line 3 delivered right out of the box an immediate improvement in dynamics and power making my amplifier perform far better. easily the most important audio improvement in my music delivery. after 18 months of use i can say no down time with the line 3 and it seems to have finally stopped delivering improved sound quality. the line 3 is in play a minimum of 20 hours a week and at times 2-4 hours per serious listening. I must admit the line 3 is an all time best in my system. p.s. the remote was a non selling feature, however I couldn't live without it now. looking forward to using all the inputs and outputs when money becomes no object.