Sonic Frontiers is bankrupt?

In Italy rumors says that SF is bankrupt.It's true?
Thank you.
No far from it.
Sonic Frontiers is wholly owned by Paradigm.They are strong and they are more involved in the Anthem side of HT gear for know.
A high end line of SOnic Frontiers HT gear is on the drawing board.
As I understand them, the facts are as follows. Sonic Frontiers has made the decision to exit the tube business. This is because their Anthem Home Theater business is doing exceptionally well while the 2-channel tube business is slowly decaying. They will of course honor all warranties and continue to sell loads of Anthem Home Theater gear. They are totally out of all Sonic tube products. I wouldn't be surprised to see a line of Sonic Frontiers, solid state, hi-end Home Theater products later this year. Walter
Let us have a moment of silence as another 2-channel tube business slowly decays.

I remain,
Sonic Frontiers is kind of a brief summary on the state of hi end.

Hi-end is a niche market. Tubes are but a niche of that niche. When a company bases their foundation on such a small slice of the pie and can not dominate or at least garner a very sizable portion of that market, they have no other choice but to take another route or forever close their doors. As such, i would rather see a company that is as dedicated as SF change course than go completely under. Sean
I spoke personally to one of the original owners of Sonic Frontiers. He said that they are "focusing" on their home theater Anthem line, and that the SF tube products will not be produced for the time being, but stressed that this does not mean permanently. I guess it is anyone's guess whether production runs will occur in the future. They have plenty of parts and service techs who know the products, so customer support for all the tube gear they made will be there, hopefully for a long time.

I believe Paradigm said, hey, we can make a lot more money on the home theatre stuff; we want you to stop the tube production for now.

It's a downer, because the build quality, finish, parts and sonics made this a product value unlike many other tube manufacturers offer. Look at a 11 pd. Audio Research preamp, then look at a Sonic Frontiers preamp. AR gives you SO little for the money, though their stuff sounds good.
The Tube End is on hold.Belive me they will bring it back when the market is ready for it again.For know they have a cash cow to milk.Thats the HT side.
Sad news indeed. I spent 3 happy years with a SL-1 pre that is still making great music on a friends system. They made good gear.
Whats to be sad about.They are not bankrupt.Still there to service and support gear they made.Just talking a break from Tube MFG.
Yes High-End is a niche market but it does not mean one can not be successful in this market segment. It is all a matter of execution. Some companies do well and some do not. Just look at BAT and Audio Research, both of them are very successful.
The news just means that Sonic Frontiers gear will be worth a premium for the time being. Those who own it just had value added, in my opinion. That gear will always be classic. It's nice to be able to take a breather from the constant need to upgrade to this year's new and improved model!
Sc53 good point.You can only do SE versions for so long.Sit back and enjoy the gear.Its still being serviced and supported.What more could you want.
There are too many people out there who does not trust their own ears. ARC is still going strong with nothing but two channel products, but SF has went over the cliff and back many times. SF gears are very good, so good that I sold my ARC Ref 1 to get Line 3 SE. Same goes for VT-100/200 for Power 3. Sad to hear SF will cease tube production, they are indeed the best bang for the buck not to mention the sound and quality. Now SF owner should sit back and put a grin on their face for owning a piece of glorious history.