Sonic Frontiers Dying?

I am curious whether SF is dying. Parts Connection and Assemblage are gone.. my local SF dealer has NOTHING in the showroom, the Processor 3 will not be upgraded to 24/96. Anyone know anything?

I heard they are going to have new HT gear and no tube stuff.
As far as I'm concerned, having new HT stuff and no tubes is the same as being dead. Don
They were bought out a year or so ago. They had gone out of business before that.
All the efforts are now being put forth on thre Anthem line.
They will still service and support the SF gear.But for now no new Sf products.
I hear the will have a high end HT line in the near future.
That sounds like dead to me. Some company buys them out and then uses the SF name and reputation to market a whole different line of products.

Sounds like what the Asian electronics firms did years ago when they bought Zenith, Quasar, Fisher, etc. A lot of Americans at the time did not like Asian brands, so they sold their Televisions and Radios using an American nameplate. The US factories were all closed. The brand name was the most valuable asset.

The Parts Connection, as others have noted in this forum, is up and running again--under a different spelling. Find it at Chris Johnson, the former SF CEO, is in charge of the new TPC, and presumably the changes in TPC will be minor or none, as compared to the "death" of the company of which it was formerly a mere division.
I think Natalie's post above is right. I just got my Line 2 pre-amp back from SF for up-grade to SE level, and it's my understanding too that SF is (at least temporarily) shifting its focus to HT products and is presently not manufacturing tube gear. They continue to support and service their SF/Anthem tube gear. I hope they get back into HQ tube gear again. Craig
They were bought by Paradigm and there seems to be a bit less synergy between the manufacturer of high-value loudspeakers and the high end line of tube electronics than one might think. I believe that some of the Anthem products are being made on the Paradigm line and there are teathing pains as a result. The SF gear seems to be gone. It would be a shame to lose another manufacturer of high end tube kit. Let's hope that they right the ship.
hi all,

Can anyone show me how to hook up SFL 1 with mcintosh MX7106 for home theatre if SFL 1 has this option. I want to, but I do not know how.