Sonic Frontiers AVM2 - anybody heard it

I just came across the Sonic Frontiers Anthem AVM2 surround unit and I wondered if anybody has auditioned or purchased one.
Hello: I have owned mine for a month so far and love it. It is very transparent when using it for stereo. Almost as transparent as my McCormack passive. It seems to do a great job for home theater also. (I do not have my rear's hooked up yet.) It is loaded with features including DVD direct and 24/96 decoding. One of the things that impressed me the most was how easy it is to program. It has lots of analog inputs (7 or 8), 10 audio digital inputs, switching for component video, balanced and rca outputs. You can set the subwoofer output for different levels depending on which input is selected and it remembers them. Also something that I have not seen in any other home theater preamp is it will come on at a preset time (you can load one for monday thru friday and one for the weekend) making it able to be used as an alarm clock. It is a great value (I got mine for $1950.00.) Check it out you will love it. Someone emailed me that Home Theater Magazine did a review on it 3-4 months back but I have been unable to confirm that. I contacted Home Theater Magazine two weeks before I bought mine but they never got back to me and it is not listed as a review on their webpage. I hope this helps. Have a great day, Kenny
Kwillyp, I saw the Anthem MCA-5 in the 5/2000 issue of HT Mag but I don't remember ever seeing the AVM2. By the way, I'm interested in purchasing the AVM2 - if you don't mind me asking where did you get yours for $1950.00?
Howdy, That is kind of what I thought. Someone over on alt.home-theater.marketplace told me that it was in a issue of Home Theater Mag. but never was able to find it. I got mine from a gentleman by the name of Frank Keyes from Utah. He is a great guy to deal with. (I do not have a local dealer-the closest is over 100 miles away so he was able to help me.) I believe his company name is Sights and Sounds. If you go to and do a search on Anthem in the home theater marketplace section you should be able to find him. He was selling a used one back around 11/2/00. These really are great preamps. I look forward to coming home and putting on some music just to listen to it again. The little lady likes it because it is so easy to use! I hope this helps some. Have a great day, Kenny
I have had one for about 2 months. Its fantastic!! It is hooked up with balanced outputs to Paradigm reference active 40s, center, surrounds, and 15 sub. As an audio system it is great. As a surround sytem it is amazing.
Love mine as well. Not to happy about paying retail for it but that aside the balanced hookups are sweet. This replaced a new B&K REF30 (which burnt up $4k. worth of amplification first time I hooked it up). Use it with seperate ARC LS25 preamp for 2-channel.