Sonic Frontiers, Anthem or CJ

I am considering purchasing the SF Line 1/Power 1, Anthem Pre-2L/Amp 1, or soon to be released CJ PV 14LS and MV-60. I realize the price differential, but can anyone comment on the sound qualities of these units (to be used with AP Spark IIIs or ML Aerius I). Thanks.
I recently went to all tubes(sonic sfd mk2,anthem pre2L, and anthem pwr1)and I have to say this is what I should have done a long time ago. Detail,soundstaging,smooth, and best of all not a tubey sound.(mushy bass) Can't comment on the cj gear or your spkrs. Currently using meadowlark kestrals. Use your ears and best of luck.
Aerial's will need more power than the 40 wpc from the Anthem. They are ideal for a speaker like the kestrels. I've used the Pre1/Amp1 with the Tyler Taylo reference. I'd say their preamp is more neutral than the amp 1. Look at Rogue tube gear as well.
do not know about any of the pres (i use an ls2mk2) but i have 2 amp ones on my nht 2.5is. 1 amp drove them and they sounded much better than the ss haflers. i added the second (one per speaker) and it filled them out nicely (i bought them off net new for 550$ each). i have heard good things about the rogue eqipment too. for what it is worth they were a bargin and i am very happy with the sound.
Get the Anthem Pre 2L and a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe. You will love this combination. A set of Tungsram NOS tubs will literally "sweeten the deal."