sonic frontiers anthem 2

I have noticed a lot of these for sale, new, at about half price($800-900).Is there a problem with this amp or is it a good deal.I have an LP12 and Epos ES 14s
I have been using an Anthem Amp 2 for allmost two years and couldn't be happier.If you can pick one up for 8 or 900.00, buy it.Look at the reviews at Audio Review and for once they seem to be correct.Expect a long break in period.The manual says 70 hours but it is closer to double that.I switched to the Tungsrams and am using B&W Matrix 804s.Are you talking about new or used Amp 2s for that price???
Is it the Anthem Integrated 2, which is a hybrid integrated amp, or is it an Anthem Amp. 2 which I would guess is a tube power amp? If it is an Anthem Integrated 2, I have owned one and it was a decent product, but not exceptional. I bought mine new 1.5 years ago for $800. My buddy loved it with his Thiels.

Thanks for the feedback,guys
its the integrated that I have seen offered at about $800.
I am wondering why the big price cut from $1700 new?
The Anthem Integrated 2 is a pretty good unit, but $1700 is a lot of money and there are many different quality integrated amps at or below that price. Also, because it is a hybrid, it may need a bit of tweaking/tube rolling to get the best performance. I'm not a tweaker, so I used my unit in stock form. The only thing I didn't particularly like about the Anthem (in my system) was that the steps in the volume control were too big. One step was too low, the next too loud. Now, my speakers are very efficient and that may has added to this issue. Other than that, I liked it. I bought several integrated amps and prefered them in this order:

Arcam Alpha 9 least favorite $600 used
Bryston B-60R Sorry Bryston fans $1100 used
Anthem Integrated 2 $800 new
Arcam Alpha 10 My favorite (I still have it) $850 used

Hope this helps a bit.

I have the Amp2 200 watt hybrid power amp.
I also got a good deal=lower than retail.
The reason my dealer gave me was they only had two
units in stock and they were not selling so he was
slashing the price to move em out.This store is typical as the products that are selling the best there are home theatre,sad to say.
I could not be happier with this amp.