Sonic Frontier SFL-1 Signature Preamp - Broken?


I have Sonic Frontier SFL-1 Preamp. One day my power amp BK200 popped and it died on me. So I sent back the poweramp to the manufacturer and got it fixed. But I realized that my left speaker won't work even though the power amp was repaired. Then, I found out that the left output of preamp was broken. I tried to plug in other output slots but all the left outputs are dead. I am not sure whether this needs serious repair or not since i know nothing about mechanic stuff. I am thinking about getting the preamp fixed locally or by the manufacturer. Or if it is too expensive to fix, I am thinking about buying another one. What do you think my best course of action? How much would it cost to repair?! Is it something easy to fix or is it permanently broken?! Is there a good repair shop in San Francisco?!
Thank you so much in advance for your response.

Speaker: Thiel 1.6 (or 1.3.. iam not sure)
Preamp: Sonic Frontier SFL-1 SIgnature
Poweramp: BK200
Google tube audio repair bay area and you will get lots of addresses.You live in one of the best areas of the world for expert service.For sure have it looked at.I have never had any work done down there but Nick Gowans name has been featured favourably on these forums .Or you could send it to Chris Johnson at parts connection and have it upgraded at the same time.
Try Parts Connexion. It's own by Chris Johnson, former owner and designer all Sonic Frontier components. He also offer great mod for Sonic Frontier gear. I had my Line 3 and Power 3 upgraded with fantastic results.

Good luck!