Sonic Differences With 45 SE assistance needed

Friday I read an excellent post explaining the difference between a set amp that was 300B (vs.) 2A3. What are the sonic differences when using the 45 SE tube (vs.) the 2A3 tube? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays.
First, let me say that a 2A3 is an awesome tube. It offers alot, whether you compare it to anything, and it has some more power capability than a 45. Speakers are easier to drive to a higher level with a 2A3. It is beautiful in delicacy and midrange glory. I would be happy having a 2A3 amp.

Having said that, I like the 45 better, because it has more of everything the 2A3 has(except power), and some warm glow that just is magic with the right speakers. Alot of people would say the 45 is the ultimate SET tube. The delicacy and transparency of the 45 is legendary. But it does not have the bottom end and "balls" of a 300B, that's for sure.

2A3 is a little "drier" than a 45. A 45 has a beautiful "sweetness" to it.

And also, a tremendous amount of importance is based on the quality of application of these tubes. The tube does not stand alone. It is merely part of an amp, that must be good enough to show the qualities of the tube, over another one.
In similar quality amps, I would prefer the 45 over the 2A3, but it is not to say that a 2A3 is some kind of "inferior" tube. Many people may prefer a 2A3 over a 45. And many people may prefer a 300B over both of them. It is kind of a personal preference, and may depend on the speaker you want to drive, as well as the amp configuration and execution.

This is one of the really fun things about SETs. You get to explore the world of single-ended triode, in many different iterations. This is the kind of thing that could give rise to many hours of discussion over coffee, between DHT SET enthusiasts.

My new Berning 45 amp is set up for 45s, but will accept 2A3 tubes(at the 45's voltage) so I can sample the flavor of some 2A3 tubes if I want to. The power will still be the same due to the voltage, but the sound will be 2A3.

I have only the 45 tubes at this time, but may buy some 2A3s to try out in the near future.

Have some fun. It is all in sampling the flavors.
Twl, do you have any experience with the RCA Cunningham single-plate 2A3? Just curious to see how they compare with the 45. I find the RCA single-plate to be the best amplication device I've heard - the only thing that makes CD's sound, well, real. (Sacrilege?)
Gs5556, no I don't have experience with the Cunningham 2A3. I'm sure it's a good tube, because I know the Cunningham 45 is highly regarded. It's very hard to have experience with every tube and amp out there, so of course my opinion is subjective.

You might want to try the Emission Labs Mesh Plate 2A3, if you like the single plate Cunninghams. In the 45s, the Emission Labs Mesh Plate 45 beat out the Cunningham 45 in my opinion, and had much less microphonic problems than any of the early NOS tubes and the KR. In fact there were virtually no microphonics in my Mesh Plate 45s. The mesh is even more transparent than the single plate, in my opinion. The price is kind of high, but they are warranteed for 2 years, and are custom matched. I settled on Emission Labs after alot of listening and studying. To me, they were worth the extra bucks. I am normally a NOS guy, but these things beat out all the highly regarded NOS tubes I listened to. Granted, I didn't listen to every single type of 45 ever made, but I did some serious listening sessions with alot of tubes, and studied what others have learned from their listening. In the end the new tubes won out. Still using the Sylvania 6SN7 on the drivers though.

I'm sure that those Cunninghams are doing great for you. Glad you're enjoying your SET amp!

If I can find some of them to try in my amp, I will let you know what I think. But I don't have to worry about making my CDs sound real. I don't use CDs! Only vinyl.