Sonic differences between servers

Looking to replace my Roon Nucleus.  Have read many of posts regarding the various options; Innuos, Antipodes, SGC, and Salk.  Definitely quite a wide price range for these different units.  If the job of the server is to send the digital signal to the DAC; does the server really influence the sound?
A server’s quality depends on noise elimination
- from the ethernet in (RFI/EMI galvanic and filteror through optical)
- from USB out (ground noise and RFI/EFI from power supply, vibration)

There is quite a bit of debate whether AES/EBU or SP/DIF or fibre optic or ethernet output to the DAC is preferable, a small group argue for I2S connections because of their more direct access to the DAC’s converter chips. The debate is wide open and while asynchronous USB in theory has the advantage of slaving the server’s clocking to the DAC, much depends on the quality of the individual implementation.

Generally InnuOS, Auralic and Lumin are viewed as the leaders, ultimately unless you use Roon the software and its consumer interface seem decisive.
Going out on a limb: InnuOS more analogue, Lumin very detailed and analytical, Auralic slightly more subdued than in your face, although much depends on the DAC and personal preferences. I am sure others will disagree on this.
I also thought streamers shouldn't make a difference, but my friend @ctsooner, has found this to not to be the case.
So, different brands of streamers do have an inherent 'sound'.