Sonic Differences Between SDS Controllers


This is my initial foray into posting questions. Can any of you provide a personal analysis of differences in sound between the VPI and Walker SDS speed control machines? I will be feeding a VPI HW14 dressed up with all TNT parts and/or a Luxman stock DD TT. I have a PLC II on the VPI right now. Thank you in advance for any responses.

Jim, I use the Walker motor controller and have not compared it to the VPI unit. However, here are links to a couple of posts from someone who has listened to both units:

What I can tell you about the Walker controller is that it is superbly made and rock solid stable, and the "Ultimate" model does indeed sound better than the standard "Precision" model. Neither model offers have any digital displays, touch pads or LEDs. Ajustments are made in the most direct way possible: a screwdriver adjustable pot (one for 33 and one for 45). Instead of a display, Lloyd prefers one to use a KAB strobe/disc (included with the Ultimate model) as the most precise way of setting the speed. That way you are checking the speed directly off the platter with an accuracy of up to .03%. Making the speed adjustment is very simple, and the controller works for months without any drift. Switching from 33rpm to 45rpm is accomplished with a simple flick of a switch. Typical of Lloyd's attention to detail, the unit also has a phase switch to allow you to select the power phase that offers the best sound - listen and select the phase setting once, then forget about it. Amazingly, it does make an audible difference that is readily noticeable.

If you can afford the additional cost, I highly recommend the Walker.