Sonic differences between CAT5 and CAT6 cables?

I was just wondering if anyone has documented any sonic differences between the two types of cables. I'm using CAT 5 with the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and Bridge, but I thought that I'd read somewhere that CAT 6 might actually sound better? Does anyone know if there is an audiophile grade CAT cable?
Thanks for helping out as usual and Merry New Year!
The only difference you will ever notice is in the price and packaging. I have a brand new still sealed 25' "audiophile cat6 cable" with sky blue outer jacket that I will let go for $126.95 with shipping CONUS only. PM me if interested. Made by Belden one of the best cable manufacturers in the world.
Cat 5 cable varied a great deal when it first came out when there was no uniform standards and universal tolerances put in place by the Alphabet standards committees. The powers that be came up with universal standards for North America, and CAT 5E was born. So if your cable is CAT 5 and not CAT 5E there could be a big difference in the cable as far as data transmission. As far as audio is concern, the cable insulation is a bigger factor ( plenum or non plenum). A plenum CAT 5 or CAT 5E cable will most likly sound better than a non plenum CAT 6 cable. Now I have made speaker cables out of plenum CAT 5, CAT 5e, and CAT 6 wire. I like plenum CAT 6 better. First of all it is a thicker gauge wire (in most cases) 23 awg as to 24 awg for CAT 5 and CAT 5E. In my opinion the bass is better (tighter,fuller), mid range is fuller, there seems to be better pace with music. Now this could be all to the even higher tolerances for CAT 6 cable, which is design to do 1 gigabytes 350 MHz. I won't even get into CAT 6E or Augmented CAT 6, or CAT 7 for that matter. OH, and one last thing. To the original poster, I will also let go the same 25'( MAKE THAT 30') of Plenum CAT 6 for FREE. With FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states only. Just email me. I think there is a time and place for everything. The key is knowing the appropriate time and place.
I apologize in advance for any terseness present in this posting, but for Heaven's sake, forget about CAT 5, 6 or 6000 for that matter! There are so many fine sounding, well constructed, reasonably priced speaker cables available that using "computer cable" designs is just silly. I have compared CAT cables to even modest audiophile offerings and there is no contest. If you look through Audiogon alone, you'll find many excellent offerings that will offer what CAT cables were neither intended nor designed to give you.

Spend wisely and enjoy the music!