Sonic difference between 96khz and 192k sampl rate

Recently bought a nice dac that has switchable sample rates of 96Khz or 192Khz. Both are 24 bit and the dac is part of a high rez system. I have a variety of cds that are standard, HDCD, hybrid SACD, and a few DVD Audio. When should the sample rates be used? I cannot find any info on this and the owner's manual says nothing about it. To ask it another way, what are the sonic differences? If anyone can explain in not too technical terms that would be very helpful. Thanks.
96 Khz is generally preferred. It would take a lot to explain why but essentially the technology at 192 Khz is pushing it to the point where you may get a slight degradation at this higher sample rate.
My TriVista 21 has both, 96 sounds better to me.
Unless your device can convert up the incoming signal, you should only be getting the source signal info... eg., DVD 24/96 ... DVDA 24/192 sacd 32/105 hd cd 20/44.1K.

Check to see if your unit actually does 'up convert' or simply is capable of handling the incoming PCM data as is.

What seems to happen on my PC system when a higher sampling rate is used appears to soften the leading edges a wee bit and lay back the sound stage some gaining it greater depth and openess. IMHO