I have been trying to get a hold of  somebody , anybody ??   A Phone number ?? ...........No body answers e-mails, no phone number listed anywhere, I have a account (I have a account but can't get the pass-word)  So I can't get any parts.....Maybe they are out of business, maybe the phone is disconnected...........Does anyone have a working phone number for them ???      HELP !!!
They have a presence on AudioCircle. Maybe you can get an answer there.
They need a presence somewhere, I spend the better part of two days trying to get my pass-word in order........Now I trying to buy some Mondorf caps , but it advertises one price buy when I go to buy it, the price changes ???   I have tried to contact them at Sonic craft but they would rather tell me I'm wrong than try to fix it.......Of the over 50 websites I deal with this is the hardest to get around and all most impossible to fix......I manufacture tube electronics and I buy lots of parts.......Will
If I’m not mistaken, Sonic Craft will sometimes shut down when the guy goes on vacation or whatever, or am I thinking of VH Audio? I remember seeing text on the website about that once. Do you see that text right now?
Madisound and Parts Connexion also have Mundorf caps. Or create a new account.