Songs that trigger you to switch the station or...

It's sucks now in North Carolina. July, August and almost all September in high 90's and now we're down to low 50's with non-stop rain for couple of week straight-up.

GnR song "November Rain" immediately triggered my hand to shut that damn radio down!

Outside of weather nomination I'd do same if I hear "Stairway To Heaven", "Born In The USA",
Way too many to list, but I'll mention just one. Although I like a great deal of the Beatles work, I'd have to put "Hey Jude" in that category.

-- Al
Anything with Steve Perry (Journey) on it.
"Stairway To Heaven" are you sure your a music lover? "Smells Like Teen Spirit"! The silly lyrics/poor vocals-musicianship only scratch the surface(lol)! The music media "praise" is not only laughable it's downright sinful!
+1 for Hey Jude. A local station always announces their mandatory Marley. I appreciate the warning. And anything by Nickelback. To the one who mentioned Stairway - that's just wrong!:-)
As the previous poster noted, way too many to list. That said, I'm listening to Pandora at work right now, and cringing at Hotel California from Hell Freezes Over.
It is so over for me that every note makes me sick.
I am big music lover, but my dilemma is in words. I go totally different way and not even looking for any "Stairway to Heaven". For same reason I'd shut down on "Tears in Heaven" respectively. Ain't my personal way nah...
Most (but not all) women singers.
Kokomo. It's the musical equivalent of waterboarding.
"Most (but not all) women singers." Wow Joey, that's quite a statement I enjoy many awesome female singers!

The interesting thing is, musical taste is highly personal. The fact that some people prefer male vocalists or female vocalists or different types of music doesn't really matter. We all get something we need from what we listen to. For me personally rather than pick a certain song I choose rather to list musical categories. Those I don't like include Pop, Rap, Country, Opera and Big Band. I just don't care for music in those genres. That said, there are great artists in each of these categories. I just won't be listening to them.
I wholeheartedly 2nd the Steve Perry mention, IMHO that guy *ruined* Journey. And almost any Rap "song" is cause for changing the station...
Anything by Rod Stewart or Michael Bolton.
Any "artist" who relies on electronic artifacts such as having their recordings drenched in artificial digital reverb and/or who thinks that singing louder is singing better.
10-02-15: Almarg
Way too many to list, but I'll mention just one. Although I like a great deal of the Beatles work, I'd have to put "Hey Jude" in that category.

Almarg - pls excuse me if I let this one play.

My first slow dance ( middle year?) in Jr High School. The last song of the last dance that year. Long song I (we) were in a sweat. The summer that followed was really good :^)

............................................................................. *&&^%$#@ (snaps out of daydream)

sorry about that.
No problem, Ct0517. I certainly recognize that musical tastes, and the memories that often accompany particular recordings, will differ widely. Enjoy!

Best regards,
-- Al
How can anyone not like Kokomo? 😉

I'm with al on hey Jude. 😴

Most Bruce Springsteen makes me want to change the channel except for
a few tracks. 👐

If I see or hear anymore Taylor Swift i will scream. 😳

I've acclimated to nickel back of late. 😁

Please make niki Minaj just go away. 🙈
At the Copa Copacabana! Unfortunately I still have the lyrics in my head.
Question: How can you go to a concert for 45 cents?

Answer: Go to a 50 Cent concert featuring as a side artist Nickelback.

Yeah, I know ... too much time on my hands ... but I saw it on the comedy channel and thought I'd share.
I keep changing the stations until I find NPR. If there isn't one in the area, it gets turned off.
Wow! These were great listings. Just the mention of Journey, Foreigner (interesting as their history may be), Al Dimeola, G&R and almost the entire Zeppelin catalogue will have me gagging harder than the last Tequila drunk that I can remember.

Unfortunately, due to my age and where I was at the time, Seeger, Springsteen and even Boz Scaggs hurt me. Every frat at UNC-CH played these guys at every rush party during 1976, so even these guys fall into this category, as much as I could otherwise admire them.

Keep this coming. It's fun. I'll probably get flamed cause I got some good music and musicians in this list, but music resonates emotionally with me: that's good and bad.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who was a college radio jock in 76-78. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank for the 35th time in a five hour period (it seems) on UNC_FM and he called the station and told them that he'd done the math and about 1352 (or whatever) sailers had drowned that day, could they please give it a break. Nope, that's not the way popular music is done: it's done to death.
Steve Perry ruined Journey? What? He is only on the most incredible voices EVER in rock, and I dare anyone who heard them/him live to argue. In form, his voice was spectacularly good.
"More Than A Feeling" by Boston.
Break out the Pepto Bismol
Anything with Getty Lee or Axl Rose singing. The horror, the horror...
"Horse w no name" by America. It gives me hives!
The way Steve Perry sings "in the cit-ty" (I don't know the name of the song, but it's one of Journey's big hits) makes me want to punch him in the face. But agreed, Getty Lee, Axle Rose, and Rod Stewart are right up there.

I saw The Jeff Beck Group on the first U.S. tour, and during one of Jeff's extended solos, Rod, apparently not knowing what to do with himself, ambled back to the guitar rack and strapped on one of them. He then began strumming chords as he made his way back to the front of the stage, at which point Jeff noticed. Jeff stopped playing, just standing there staring at Rod, until he finally went up to the mic and, with his voice just dripping with contempt, said "It's not even plugged in. Bloody wanker".
Some funny responses here.

I have many choices, but a bad college memory leads the way. In my freshman year, one guy on my floor blasted the Styx (IIRC) song "Lady" every time he managed to coax a girl back to his room. Unfortunately, the guy evidently had some game, so the song was playing WAY too frequently for my taste. By the end of the year, I'd rather have listened to the sound of the two of them going at it.

I haven't been able to abide the song ever since.

BTW, I kinda like "Horse With No Name. IIRC, it's loaded with major ninth chords and I'm a sucker for that sound.
Martykl- And we wonder why we can't solve the tubes vs. solid state debate!
Have to agree, Steve Perry makes me want to vomit! Hated REO Speedwagon and Foreigner as well, as I think back, the late 70's and 80's were not a great time for music. The AOR format was dying and it felt like music didn't really know where to go. I also agree that current radio really sucks so it's NPR for me as well. Have you donated to your local station?
As music lover I strongly believe that song "My Sherona" by Knack have nothing to do with music so eeeeeee!
Actually, Steve Perry pronounced it "cit-tay". Crunch---right in the mouth. Another nomination, though perhaps one with which many will disagree---Robert Plant. Oh, and Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction). Guess I don't care for anyone named Perry, first OR last.
"Nights in a White Satin" does it for me. It's like a zombie that just keeps coming slowly towards your ears as putrefied schmaltz. Put a silver stake in it, please.
Roberta Flack 'the last time I saw your face'. It nauseating just mentioning it.
Marqmike, its the first time, not the last.
The first time I heard that song was the last.
Your right Rpeluso. That's funny. I guess that shows I never hung around to listen to it.
Been a listener since I was a kid back in the '70s. When these guys come on I simply cannot take it anymore and must change the channel: Steve Miller (most of it) Eagles (most of it), Elton John (most of it), Aerosmith (all of it), Pat Benetar (hate that angry-woman rock thing). Can see how Journey would have that effect on people, however I agree with Bojack that Perry's voice ranks way up there.
It's not Steve Perry's voice per se, it's that he sings in a "Rock Star" manner, if you know what I mean. Like the way Steven Tyler dresses, it's corny and embarrassing.
Chicago. Blood Sweat and Tears. Journey is masterfully irritating.

my teenage son had to play "Don't Stop Believing" in marching band during a football game that was a blowout. Pure torture.
So basically a lot of people here are burnt out on overplayed classic rock "hits".

I understand completely and suffer from that affliction to a good extent myself.

It rally ticks me off that "classic rock" stations still play the same things over and over again that radio made popular years ago. Many were played frequently on FM album oriented rock music stations in the day and were not big top 40 hits.

So how about just playing some other good tracks from those albums these days rather than the same songs over and over and over.....

I agree hearing "More Than a Feeling" again these days makes me leave. Its a good song and I even still like it, just enough is enough. Have a mind radio programmers!
Agree with you on  "Born In The USA", anything by Eagles AC/DC and a few others. Like many others have stated many radio stations play the same 1,0000 songs over and over some are played every day.
Elton John and Kee Kee Dee  'Don't go breaking my heart'. I train my reflexes just to turn that off quicker than the second syllable can come over the radio. I have hurt myself doing that but not as bad as I would have if I listened to anymore of that piece.
Anything by Guess Who especially American Woman and that song from Titanic.
There is a GEICO commercial on TV that makes me want to *scream* every time I hear it!!  You *know* which one I'm talking about, it begins with "It's the final countdown..."

Lord, please spare me from ever hearing that drek again!!
Anything by Rush,Boston or Queen.

12,473 posts10-06-2015 3:06pmSo basically a lot of people here are burnt out on overplayed classic rock "hits".

I agree with you... Many posters mention various songs that irritate them and most of them are from classic rock. Indeed classic rock destroyed music. Many blame rap too, but it all started from classic rock. The posters here reflect that.

Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano! Now we have 10 months of rest before the onslaught again.