SONGS THAT INSPIRE (Name songs that inspire)

Name any songs that inspires people in life.
NO ONE IS POOR Change Your Mentality (the song)
I’ve got a few.

5ive - Keep on Moving (in general about life)
Ronan Keating - Lovin’ each Day (about cherishing each day)
Diana Krall - Temptation (about..temptation - the lure of more audio gear)
Entries from sub-commercial Americana (and Canadacana):
Sera Cahoone, Running Your Way
Po' Girl, Take the Long Way
Po' Girl, 'Til It's Gone
Elephant Walk. Not a word in it..

I like Elephants, I want 10,000 acers and a heard of BIG friend. They outlive people.. Parrots, giant turtles and elephants.. NO WORD.. NO PEOPLE.. Couple hundred wild burros too.. We'd get along fine..

Like your thinking oldhvymec