Songs From the Wood mfsl gold any good?

curious for any feedback on this gold cd. thanks
Beyond good. Probably one of their best.
any others you'd suggest?
The Jethro Tull catalog was remastered, for the most part, over the last year or so. Overall, they did a pretty decent job of it. Any of Tull's first five albums (This Was; Stand Up; Benefit; Aqualung; Thick as a Brick) would be good to try.
wait for the japanese remastered cd.
I wonder how the remastered stuff holds up against the MFSL stuff. I think the remastered Moody Blues core-7 albums sound better than their MFSL couterparts. BTW, consider buying The Jethro Tull Christmas Album if you like Songs From the Wood. Great sonically and wonderful performances/arrangements to boot!
the jt japanese mini lp cd's are incredible