Songs appear in alphabetical order not correct album track order, why?

I have this posted in PC Audio but think I may get more views and thoughts here?

Let me clarify.
I used to own a Bluesound Vault 2 where I ripped my entire cd collection too and had always made a back up of same on a separate 2tb western digital usb hdd.

When I sold the Vault I kept the backup hard drive and also loaded its entire contents onto my home pc as well.

So here is my quandary.

When I access either the files stored on the pc or direct from the usb hdd on said pc they all appear and play just fine in correct album track order.

However when I access these from my network streamer (Ayre ex8 and/or Aries Mini ) they all appear in alphabetical order instead.

This is both annoying and vexing and for some concept albums cannot work ( The Elder by Kiss, Journey to the center of the earth by Rick Wakeman for example).

What is the cause of this and how can I resolve it?

I am no computer geek so dumbed down solutions

I have verified via mp3tag editor that all track numbers in the metadata are correct and present.

BTW I have tried two different rendering software with same results, MConnect and Bubble,Up,N,P.

Help and thank you!
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Have you tried contacting the companies that make the equipment and explain to them what is going on?

maybe they will have a solution or it is something you will just have to deal with.
So I did figure out the playback at least on mConnect software.

I did find buried an option for track replay and once I set this for track listing it now plays them all in actual track order.

Could find no such option in Bubbleupnp though.

As I use mconnect vast majority of the time it is sort of a non issue right now.

Thank you!