Songs about the end of the cold war / Soviets

Other than The Scorpions song, "Wind of Change" and the Jesus Jones song, "Right Here, Right Now" are there any other songs that made the charts where the subject is the end of the cold war or decline of the Soviets?

Not a chart-topper, there is "A Great Day For Freedom" on the David Gilmour-led Pink Floyd's 'The Division Bell' album.
"Russians" by Sting, off the Dream of the Blue Turtles record
"Russians" actually came out long before the fall of the Soviet Union, but at the time I thought its message was magnificent:

"The only thing that will save me and you
is if the Russians love their children too"

Kinda repaints the whole "us vs them" picture, doesn't it?

a stretch here and a simple popish song but the NENA "99 luft Balloons" dealt with that I said its a bit of a reach.
Roger Waters - The Tide is Turning(After Live Aid)

From Radio KAOS. Not exactly a chart topper and perhaps a bit of a forecast.

If you like that lyric, check out "God On Our Side" by World Party - a really eloquent statement on the subject of righteous warfare. It's on the CD "Goodby Jumbo" which is on my short list of all time faves.