Songbook - essays on music

For those of you who know Nick Hornby - he wrote the novel/movie "High Fidelity" - he published a collection of essays exploring the meaning of music and how songs can get in our heads and define our growing up. It is called "Songbook" published by Riverhead Books in 2003. Give it a read. The essays are sharp, witty, and very enjoyable.
I'll second the recommendation, don't know what cosmic oddity caused me to be reading it at the same time. I'll note that it is not as trite as simply a recounting of "I like this song because it was on when I kissed my first girl" or "this is how I personally have deconstructed the meaning of this song." It has some interesting insights into taste and the process of interacting with music. B'sides, any writer responsible for the brilliant description in _High Fidelity_ of what goes into making the perfect mix tape clearly knows music...
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