Song With Best Beginning

I'll nominate Like a Rolling Stone, Thunder Road, and New York City Serenade.
Higher and Higher by The Moody Blues.

In addition to the rocket launch at the beginning of the song, Higher and Higher also features one of my favorite lead guitar riffs performed by Justin Hayward. It is also the lead song on the the album "To Our Children's Children's Children", which is a classic Moody's theme album about space and children inspired by the events of its time (1969).
Somewhere Over the Rainbow when performed by Eva Cassidy. Very, very, moving I think.

Judy Garland's version, a classic, is too romantic for my taste. I find that Eva's intro, and her whole treatment as well takes this out of the childhood fantasy of Garland, converting it to an adult expression of hope and desire.

That's how I feel it anyway.