Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.

This is a variation on the "Favorite song" (or Classical composition) choice, as this title should in some way be related to mortality. Can you tell I'm approaching the end of mine? For me the choice is obvious; imo one of the three greatest songs I've ever heard (the other two being "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" and "No Time To Cry"): "God Only Knows", music by Brian Wilson, lyrics by Tony Asher, recorded by The Beach Boys in 1965. Light years above what anyone else in Pop music (or even Classical and Jazz) was doing at the time (or has done since), including The gd Beatles.
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Maybe a little bit of Wayne County and the Electric Chairs?

Probably a no on that one....
I've had this discussion many times with my wife and friends. I have a flash drive with all my favorites. I want no sad songs. If there are lyrics to some of the tunes, please feel free to sing along. If my music makes you feel like playing air guitar, or grab the mike, or gets your baton arm swinging , have at it. If some find this disrespectful. Oh well.
I would like the closing theme from Saturday Night Live played as I exit the building. 
@coach59 - Are you talking about a Karaoke Funeral? I love it!
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