"Song Exploder" on Netflix

There is a new documentary series on Netflix entitled "Song Exploder".  It's a one artist/one song behind the scenes capturing of how that specific song came to be.  I guess it started as a podcast.

I've watched:

Alicia Keys-3 Hour Drive
R.E.M.-Losing My Religion

I've really enjoyed these so far.  Not sure how many they are going to do, but I'm hooked.

Highly recommended!
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That sounds really cool and will definitely check it out. Thanks for the heads up Mofimadness
The podcast is great, I will check out the show!
There are (4) total segments this season. The other (2) are:

Ty Dolla $ign-LA    I have never heard of this artist until this show. This segment has pretty explicit language, so make sure you’re careful who watches it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda-Wait For It    This is one of the songs from "Hamilton" which I knew nothing about either. This dude is VERY talented and this segment is genuine, heartfelt and made me smile.

Can’t wait for more.