Sonata/Sonatina with 3-5 Watts???????

Can anyone tell me how the Silverline Sonata (v) Sonatina sound with 3-5 watts of tube power. Will both of these speakers really sound good? I am looking for information from people that have personally heard them on 3-5 watts. Thanks...
There is a nice thread here on audiogon. I think there were some answers to your questions there. Please try to find this: "" or search for its title "Best speakers for 2A3 SET amplifier?". I've got a 3-5 watt SET and have found out that with 90dB speakers I'm happy at levels that would not disturb my neighbours (about 80-90 dB SPL at 1 meter). Have not heard the Sonatas but they are 2dB more efficient than the Sonatinas so they will probably be even a better match (provided the impedances are OK). If you do find out - please let me know - I'm interested to find out myself: the Sonatas/Sonatinas look very appealing from the reviews I read. On the other hand, I seem to notice that people that are happy with them have mostly SS power amps, so there might be some clue there (see ... Kocho
I am driving a pair of Sonatinas with a flea powered amp and it works great. The room is not huge and I listen semi nearfield, but there is plentty of volume and surprising good bass, while not super loud, very extended.