I last heard these in the mid 70's or thereabouts...,
Cant remember the designers name, but memory tells me they were awesome. Can anybody help to prod my memory? Web search leads me to believe they are no longer in production?

~Bob b
Sonab made a whole line of B&O type electronics, turntables and speakers which were widely available in the early 1970s. They were Scandinavian in origin, possibly Swedish. They had very quirky cosmetics and the speakers had an array of upward firing tweeters ala Hegeman.
I remember them being very good vis a vis the Japanese products that were leading the parade in that period of time.
Try running a WWW search of "Carlsson Sonab". I may have the spelling wrong, but think that's it.
I have a pair of Sonab OA 2212 Speakers which are almost 30 years old. The OA stands for Ortho Audio and 2212 for 2 woofers, 2 mid-ranges and 12 tweeters. They're not in very good shape but they still work. Do you think they're worth anything?