Sommovigo Family Digital Cables

I originally posted this under Cables but it may be more appropriate here. I've followed Chris Sommovigos cables since the Illuminati D60 and Orchid. Did he also design the Kimber Select digital cables, KS2020 and KS2120 or are they re-labled D60 and Orchid? Now there's the i2Digital and a yet to be announced balanced version. Add to this the Stereovox versions and the picture gets confusing. Having owned an Illuminati D60 at one time, I'm intrigued by some of these other cables. Anyone have opinions on these or some insights into their evolution?
When I contacted Stereovox regarding their new cables, I got a response from him.
Chris is really nice and helpful, and he'll talk your ear off when you call him.

As close as I remember, since it was almost two years ago, here's what he told me when I called him about the Stereovox HDXV when it came out:

1. He designed the Illuminati D-60 and Orchid.
2. Kimber either bought into or purchased his Illuminati company.
3. Kimber quit using the connectors that Chris had originally used and he didn't think it sounded as good.
4. He started i2Digital and designed the X60.
5. He started Stereovox and designed the HDXV.
6. He's also connected to the company that makes his XShadow connectors.

The bottom line that Chris told me is this, and it makes sense, the connectors are as important as the rest of the cable. It doesn't matter how good the actual wire and insulator is if the signal doesn't get in to the wire or out from the wire right.

Go to the 6moons review ( ), it talks about Chris' history in the review.
I have the x-60 from i2digital and love it
I have tried any number of digital cables, and now use a PAD Dominus. The i2Digital cable is not far off and at a fraction of the price. And its also thin and easy to maneuver. Its a steal, so steal it!