Sometimes the record companies got it right....

After listening to the Duke, Ella, Miles, Eta, Patsy, Ray, Aretha, then there's a twist. Yes, sometimes there's a fork in he road. This fork is Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Wait, am I on the Audiogon site? Yes. This is the most underappreciated band that I know of. The song writing is excellent! The FEEL is just right! After listening to this lp, you have a feeling that something really, "just happened"! You've been "Hooked"!

Really, If you're interested, the song writing here is excellent! Give it a couple of listens....
Good music is always about the A&R (Artists and Rroprietor) of a record company. Without it good music never gets to be heard.
Slaw, record companies manage to always get it right regardless of weather you like what they do or you don't.
Their goal is to make something that will sell and it unfortunately dictates to destroy the music day by day. Talent shows have singin' and playin' the same boring thing performed by pretty and sexy faces professionally made-up to one boring and tasteless standard. All of them must be very gay too. Noticed the sentimental back stage male tears there? It's important for the record companies to show how one cares about being famous and superstar, because to become a superstar, you must do whatever superstars are doin' -- obey the advice of record company and destroy tha damn music thang.
I enjoy sarcasm!;) I think SOME record companies get/got it right. Most times it feels/felt like good music happens in SPITE of the record companies! B117 - think your fingers got in the way! A&R = artists and repertoire!;)
A lot of Dr. Hook's stuff was written by Shel Silverstein, one of the funniest songwriters ever.

If you're into country music, pick up Bobby Bare's, "Drunk and Crazy" and "Down and Dirty" for some great Shel Silverstein songs done by an authentic country artist from the "Outlaw Country" school.