Something wrong with my 2.7QRs

Hey All,

I'm in a pickle. I have a pair of Maggie 2.7QRs. They've been in my TV room at my vacation home for years -- never turned up too loud and never really "listened to".

I brought them home and set them up, and something sounds wrong. The top end is kinda dull. Not dead, but clearly not right, and not anything close to the "too bright" sound that people speak of with Maggies. The base and midrange seem to be okay.

I've tried running them with two nice integrated amps, 1 tube and one SS, and 2 different sources, one analog and one digi, and still the same result.

Am I doomed? Is there a simple fix that anyone knows of? TIA.
Check the fuses, (3 amp fast blow). Even if they look okay, either replace them or use a volt-ohm meter to make sure.

Also, make sure the tweeter jumper, (and midrange jumper) are tight and secure and/or even installed.
I don't know if this applies to the 2.7's, but Magnepan offers resistors that you install in the binding posts. They do this to roll off the high in systems where they sound to bright. Check the speaker and if you see the resistors, remove them.
Hmmm, I wonder if this is the glue problem. Over time, the glue that adheres the wires to the panel can degrade and cause detachment. Rough handling during the move could've contributed.

Magnepan could surely take the speakers in for a checkup or re-wiring, but that'll cost. Do the less expensive stuff first: Check the fuses and jumpers. Not sure about the 2.7s, but if you remove the 1ohm resistor, it MUST be replaced with a jumper, usually the included steel-nickel U-shaped jumper.
Phone the toll free number at Magnepan and ask them. They are extreamly helpful.
What is your regular system made up of, particularly speakers?