Something to replace glass shelves....

I presently have 1/4 inch glass shelving under four of my 2 channel stereo/home theatre components on wall mounts. I want to put the glass back into my Bello Getti rack and replace it with cast acrylic or maybe carbon graphite. Carbon is very expensive and if I choose 5/16-1/2 inch cast acrylic the price is still pretty good. Even in black with polished edges. Can anyone help out which is better for vibration/resonant control and sound qualities. My components are a power conditioner, belt drive CD player, bluray player and pre processor. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thx in advance.
I would think that the Acrylic would be a great choice. I've seen acrylic used in turntable, amp, preamp, DAC and computer designs. Cannot be too bad if major designers and manufacturers are using it!
All the substances mentioned 'ring', best to return to wood. Acrylic and glass are used by the major supplies because they look nice and are cheap to source. Carpet wrapped glass would be an alternative.
Symposium is the best!!
I've personally never used a carbon shelf so I can't address that part of your question but I have heard and read that carbon shelves work well. I had two custom black acrylic top shelves made for two of my Billy Bags racks that I'm happy with and work well.
As you stated both carbon and acrylic are pricey! Depending on the dementions of the shelves and how thick they can be you might also want to consider custom maple shelving made independently or see if a company like Mapleshade can have some built.
Thx for help. I did get a quote for a 18x18 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch Cast acrylic in black with polished edges and it is pretty reasonable. I just can't decide if I want clear acrylic and frost edges and put led lighting on back or try the black with frost and run the led light through that. Does anyone know if the gloss black top woth frosted or clear edges works with led light?
air dried maple at least 1/2" thick and use some type of footers under the components and not under the chassis and not the feet. Make sure the wall mounts are very secure too.
@Buconero117, I've dealt with hifipyon sound and they make really good platforms and equipment. I've bought a custom sub platform and cable elevators from them and the engineering is top notch. Pricing is very comparable too. He uses Parka wood and Bubinga wood with several options in quality footers. Maybe I'll get some quotes from him. After shipping and exchange it will probably be the same as the acrylic in pricing. Thx.
I'm in the camp favoring wood, preferably maple. I can't think of anything worse (sonically) than glass, unless it's marble or granite.
@Ebm, which model symposium would you suggest for the shelving? Have you tried the symposium under floorstanding speakers?
Just call Symposium ask Peter.I recommend Svelte shelf on rack i spike my speakers because i have a concrete based floor with wood on top.
Thx Ebm. I'll do that....