Something to compliment Hales Concept 2s


I used to run Golden Tube SEP-1 pre & SE40 amp with my Hales Concept 2s & liked it ok (8-10 years ago). Sold all of it, but speakers damaged in shipment & got them back (they work fine but are a little rough on the outside).

Now I want something simple that will drive the Concept 2s better than the Golden Tube gear. Thinking an integrated with a DAC.

Want enough muscle to drive the lower end (sealed box ya know) but like the liquid mid-range, silky highs, and holographic sound stage. The Concept 2s are fairly analytic, thinking something also that will help take the edge off a little without ruining it.

So far I like Peachtree Nova 125, Bel Canto C5i, Wyred for Sound Mini....

Very open to suggestions from others that may know of this older but quality sealed-box speaker? My budget is around $1,000-2,000.

Thanks Everyone,