something similar to moongel but easier to apply?

Hi everyone. Wanted to give some Moongel a try on the bottom of my turntable, speakers, speaker stands and the rest of my equipment. I liked the fact that it can be applied multiple times and washed off but it seems like the stuff should be packaged on peel off waxed paper instead of stuck to itself (4 pieces per package) in a plastic container. It is a major pain to separate from each other.

I know that blu tack has been recommended to go between speaker stands and speakers. Does blu tack have similar deadening characteristics to Moongel or is there another easy to work with / separate / peel off material (3M, etc) that comes close to Moongel?

I've used Moongel and Blu Tack under speakers, I find Moongel works better. I agree, Moon gel could be a better job of packaging, but hey for $6, I'll put up with the mess.
I talked to the seller while I was handling the return. Moongel changed it's formula to make it more sticky so it can be applied to the bottom drum heads also about 6 months ago. I could not even separate it without damaging the gel.