Something similar to Mahler

Any recommendation for something close to Mahler Symphony 3 or 5?
A few large scale orchestral pieces:

What about the rest of Mahler.
Bruckner #8 - von Karajan, Vienna Philharmonic
Bruckner #9 - Giulini, Vienna Philharmonic
Shostakovich #5 and 9 - Haitink
Schoenberg Gurreleider - Chailly
Beethoven Symphonies - Barenboim
Many others...

What is it that you particularly like about Mahler 3 & 5? Knowing that might help us help you.

Like Rob asked, what about the rest of Mahler, are you familar with it? Mahler 6 is one of, and in MHO, his finest - the most beauty, the most pathos, drama, its got it all. M9 ain't chopped liver. Nor M2.

To Robs list, I would add Bruckner 7, Sibelius 4 & 5, and Vaughn Williams 2, 3, and 5.
Check out some of the Strauss tone poems - Don Juan, Til Eulenspiegel, Don Quixote ....
I think Bruckner is far from Mahler, nor Sibelius nor even Williams. I go more to R. Strauss and Shostikovich. Mayhap even Stravinski. It is so hard to associate near and kindred. He did not get the deserved exposure in his time. Bernstein did a lot for his legacy.
And come to think of it, you ask an odd sort of question, or at least unlikely. To me it is hard to have the sensibility to appreciate Mahler, but it is almost as if you somehow tripped over him by chance. I am really puzzled. Although I loved him at first listen, I wonder why you pick 3&5 (see, odd again ;-) rather than, say his 8th. Most interesting Rtn1.
I, too, find your question intriguing.
Perhaps the following:
Mahler 1 might be a very good complement to 3 and 5
Shostakovich 5 and 9
Sibelius 2
Ives 2
Dvorak 8 and 9
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire

Pick your favorite orchestras and conductors; they've all recorded much of the above, no doubt.
Closest match style wise would probably be Shostakovich, start with popular middle symphonies 5-10. Best to mix and match here but if you want one name I go with Jarvi/Chandos

Later Sibelius would also be sympathetic, the early 1,2 symphonies are romantic works similar to Tchaikovsky symphonies, Sibelius 3 is transitional and 4-6 would be close to Mahler 3,5.......the Maazel/London is an excellent Sibelius set.

Also along those line try Nielson 4,5,6 many good 2CD sets like Bloomstedt/London

Strauss tone poems......sure why not, unless you are seeking only symphonies

Bruckner is really a Wagner disciple, building layers of sound that ebb and flow like tidal waves, erecting massive "cathedrals of sound" Style wise really different than Mahler but Bruckner has works of great beauty that every classical fan must own......perhaps a common theme that filters through both composer's work is religious element.

Obvious comment but collect all Mahler symphonies if you don't already own.
Of course, Mahler 2nd symphony is the closest link to the 3rd. The 1st is a lightweight introduction compared to the 2nd. Mahler very much rooted in the central european - Austrian-Czech-Jewish tradition, so you really should look after composers coming from this tradition. Dvorak and smetana to a certain extent kin to Mahler in their recurring to folk songs in their large symphonic works. You should also hear some Hungarian composer. Karoly Goldmark is an interesting composer, his major opera, the Queen of Saba you can order from Hungaroton label. And of course, Bartok.
Thanks for all the input. I'm a Big Orchestra fan. Honestly, I do have complete list of Mahler symphonies. Also Bruckner and Shostakovich. Shos is another favorite, however I wouldn't compare to Mahler since I found the 2 composers are very different from each other.
Bruckner is pretty close, especially symphony 4, however Mahler is more emotion and less "attack" compare to Bruckner.
The reason I picked 3 and 5 cause I found them most sensible and beautiful pieces from Mahler. Of cours other are wonderful too, like the 4,8 or 9, but they are on a different scale.
Smetana is great and of course "ma vlast" is always the most beautiful song for me. I'm not familiar with Karoly Goldmark, but will give it a try.
Alexander Nevsky is pretty powerful as well. R.Strauss, Holst (the planets) are very "attack" and "fire"...
Again, what is most closest to Mahler 3 or 5? Especially 5?
It has to be said. No one is like Mahler! His sound/music is unique. The closest I can think of would be Hans Rott in his Symphony in E (Hyperion). Listen to this and you might think he is composing in Mahler's style, actually he preceeded him a tad.

That aside, if someone hasn't already mentioned it, listen to some Janacek (Simphonietta and Tarus Bulba), Suk (Asreal Symphony, Ripening, and Praga, as well as Serenade for Strings), and Lizst's Faust Symphony.

By the way you don't mention Mahler's 6th Symphony. Have you heard it? If not, do so - its manditory Mahler!
Try Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht. You'll be pleasantly surprised how beautiful and romantic this piece is.
Liszt Faust Symphony. Very good idea. Hear the version of Ivan Fischer, BFZ, Philips.
Something close to Mahler, which is not really Mahler, is the so-called Mahler 10th symphony (in the performing version by Deryck Cooke), since Mahler skethed much of the music but died before it could be completed and orchestrated. Admittedly, this music is much closer to the Mahler 9th symphony than to the 3rd or 5th, but still an intruiging work, that is rarely heard.

Try the version by RSO Berlin, Riccardo Chailly conducting:
Decca 466 955-2.
Beatles or Rolling stones
Schubert, you are on a roll today putting Mahler and rock music in the same boat of ne'er-do-wells, eh?

Oh well, at he is in GOOD rock music company.

Mahler 3rd is unmatched on its turf in my book. Nothing else sucks me in as deeply as quickly and then takes me on an emotional roller coaster for as long and as well as that one, complete with tearing eyes along the way. It's an ethereal experience for sure, but it ain't "pretty".

"Suppers Ready" by Genesis is in the same ballpark but over in the progressive rock league and it does have some very pretty parts.

"Seventh Sojourn" album by The Moody Blues is in the same ballpark as well with some breathtakingly gorgeous parts. See my review here on A'gon for more about that.
Mapman, The most transcendental music experience I have ever had was a couple years ago in Cleveland for the Mahler III. The only thing that even came close was the first time I heard a live performance of the Bach Johannes Passion. Got to respectfully disagree with my good friend Schubert in his assessment of Mahler.
Hearing a good complete Mahler 3rd live is high on my list of things to do.

Heard the musical box genesis cover band do a complete repro of suppers
ready a few years back. Heaven!
No sweat Fan and Map, different strokes for different folks is how I roll. Though I draw the line on rock.

An analogy of painters to composers is foolish, but that never stopped me.
Beethoven is Rembrandt, Schubert, Vermeer and Mahler is Jason
Pollack, connect the dots sound and fury signifying nothing.
That said, "Der Knaben Wunderhorn" and Das Lied von der Erde" are masterworks.
But what do I know, to me- "Un bel di " is worth more than the entire Ring Cycle.
As a clarinetist friend of mind , who subbed in the Berlin Phil used to say, first prize in the lottery is season tickers to Bayrueth, second prize is two tickets etc.
Brownsfan, In my dotage I recalled the LvB Violin Sonatas of Kremer/Argerich as being on Decca, actually its DG 476-7256(3)

Also, I thought those Sigs of mine looked awfully new, but at $995 shipped,I dismissed that.
After running them 24/7 for a week, they suddenly EXPLODED, in my room yesterday, wern't even broke in !.Ran my sole late Mahler, the Gewandhaus
7th, through them yesterday, they handled those endless tymp riffs just fine. Unreal good on Butterfly as well.
Schubert, We are on the same page on so much stuff. Had we agreed on Mahler, I would have concluded you were my long lost twin born of a different mother and separated by 16 years. As for the LvB, those are great performances. 10 on performance, maybe 6.5 on recording quality. I pretty much love everything ever recorded by Martha. Just wish she hadn't hooked her wagon to DG. Gidon is a pro. I had looked forward to a promised set from Rachel Barton on Channel, but I understand the pianist backed out of the project.

You are a pirate, matey, making of with those sigs at that price. So glad you are finding them to your liking.

On my way to hear Ein Alpen Symphonie tonight here in Indianapolis. Urbanski is a real up and comer among young conductors. Protege of Witt. He is very, very, good.
We need rock music like Captain Kirk's yin needed his yang in order to function as he should in that old Star Trek episode.
If you say so Map. About like saying you need some rat-poison
to top off a yumpous piece of NY cheesecake to me.

I envy you fan, what Leppart did in Indy is one of the great stories in American Symphonic History.
My beloved MN Orchestra just coming off its 18 month lock-out,dubious if they will ever get back to the pinnacle that Vanska had them at.
Symphony Hall in downtown is a 2500 seat hall and every seat for the rest of the season is sold.
About to hit the scalping sites, Feb 7th is the Elgar Cello Con. with Yan Pascal Tortelier conducting , Steven Isserlis soloist. Week after is two R. Strauss tone poems with Sibelius Violin Con. sandwiched in between. Top ticket face is $100, I'd give $300 for either.
"If you say so Map. About like saying you need some rat-poison
to top off a yumpous piece of NY cheesecake to me.

Rat Poison - way less calories, sugar and saturated fat.

Mahler - Pine Nut Roll, perhaps?