Something new from ARC

Check this beauty out:
How mow is this wow?
Mow? You mean like what one would do with a lawn? Wow? As in holy crapolla?
Frank ... I am hoping ARC will post more pics and stats on this beauty. I would like to see the innards.

The advance announcement says the power supply is advanced. I wonder how. Clearly there are circuit changes ... the Ref 6 has 6 audio tubes in the gain circuit (3 each channel) in comparison to the Ref 5 SE's 4 tubes (2 in each channel).

Bottom line is sound ... can't wait for reviewers and anxious customers to comment.

It looks like there's a new sheriff in town.

The new McIntosh C110T has 3 tubes per channel for a total of 12 tubes (phono and line stage).
Bruce ...

Here's the conclusion I've garnered from a realiable source:

The Ref-6 challenges the REF-10 in some important areas. While the soundstage width and depth aren't quite as good as the Ref-10, the REF-6 has the advantage in musicality, tonality, and overall realism. From the first note, it is clearly better than the REF-5-SE and in another league altogether. It gets digital really close to analogue and is quite amazing in that area. From what I hear, the REF-6 is one of the finest pieces ARC has produced to date ... at less than half the price of the REF-10. Its on my bucket list for sure. Hey, anyone want to by my trusty REF-3?
From the first note, it is clearly better than the REF-5-SE and in another league altogether.

That was exactly my experience moving from the Ref2 Mk2 to the Ref3. If the Ref6 is that good, and the price is not out of reach, it should trigger a buyer's market of good deals for the Ref3 and the Ref 5SE models. This is exciting news for audiophiles.