something is not right here and it's on purpose!!!

lf you have the same source master on remastered digital and 1st press vinyl with the same volume, the digital sounds louder and more distorted with more intensity + is there anyway to remove that intensity from remastered digital because it sound like the audio has been run through a distortion pedal? How could legendary producers and mixers not hear this crap?
Oh please... what's this, the latest conspiracy theory?
Look, its one thing to knock digital. Any medium that starts off as "perfect sound forever" then spends the next 40 years pretending to be objectively better than vinyl while at the same time reserving 'analog like' as its highest goal is just unbelievably richly deserving of being knocked senseless on a regular basis. But even I won't compare it to a distortion pedal, let alone accuse legendary engineers of crap. In short guitarsam you have lost it. If indeed you ever did have it. 
Sam here how do you explain the fact that you can rip a 1st press vinyl album to digital and the sound is the same and when the record company does the same thing with the actual source it’s all distorted and unlistenable

lnxs kick 1987 1st press vinyl dynamic range 14

lnxs kick 2010 digital remaster mixed by bob clearmountain dynamic range 6 and unlistenable!

how could that not be on purpose? It makes mono AM radio sound - audiophile.

Dynamic range will decrease until someone issues a recording with 0db of dynamic range. We will have successfully achieved silence.
“lnxs kick 2010 digital remaster mixed by bob clearmountain dynamic range 6 and unlistenable!”

Agreed! And you will find plenty of other recordings / remasters that are unlistenable, regardless of the format.

Now, please get off the digital bandwagon. It’s getting old!
I don't know what you're talking about.
INXS Kick 2011 (24/192) DR 14
INXS kick 1987 CD  DR 14