Something brewing with Led Zeppelin recordings?

On Wednesday, Amazon put Zeppelin's "Definitive Collection," the box set of all the band's albums on sale for half of the list price ($99.99). This lasted for but a day, with the Amazon price currently back up to $160+. Think this might be presaging some new Zep releases, maybe even the whole remastered catalogue? I'm sure hoping so.
Hmmm. If they re-do those like they did the Beatles, I'm in.
If they got Jimmy Page right on this he could possibly finish it before we all die of old age.
Hodu: What is the history of Zeppelin on cd? Just one direct transfer of the original master tapes? Or a digitally remastered version also?
This is how rumours get started. They have sales like that all the time.
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I agree with Synthfreek. Rumors are easily generated. I bought from Amazon the complete studio recordings box set for $40 last year !!! There hasn't been any new stuff since then and there probably aint gonna be any new stuff now!
Just to get off-track a liitle bit, what about the Zep London 02 arena concert (2007) on DVD? I have seen a bootleg with average sound and want the real thing .The setlist is great.