Something amazing - what would you buy

I am putting in a home theater that I want to use for a music listening room too.  The goal is putting together something amazing.  I joined the forum because I've been looking for a good source of information whose livelihood doesn't depend on me buying what he/she sells. 

The list below (suggested by a local retailer and leading candidate to sell it to me) is just the equipment for the room and I'm looking for the Forum's insight on how they would amend it.  Only the first two items have been purchased.  Everything else is open to revision.  If you're looking for a number, the current budget is $150,000 for the equipment only.  Installation and setup costs are on top.  The only things I'm keeping from the current setup is an Apple 4k TV and the air in the room.  Everything else goes.  I have a 1Gb internet speed connection in the room if that is helpful.  

Rather than get into room configuration and its important role in the choice, assume that the list below is appropriate for the room.

Projector + Screen
• Sony VPLVW915ES Laser Projector mounted to a pre-wired position (back-ordered).
• Panamorph DCR-S2 Cinema Format Projector Conversion Lens (on hand)
• Screen Innovations 130” Fixed Screen On Wall 2.35 widescreen format.

B&W Speakers
• 800D3 Front Towers Qty 2
• HTM1 Center Channel w/stand
• CWM7.3S2 In Wall Surround Channels Qty 4
• CCM7.3S2 In-Ceiling Atmos Channels Qty 4
• DB2 Subwoofer Qty 2

Audio Equipment – McIntosh
• MX170 Processor
• MC462 Front Channel Amps
• MC257 Center + Surrounds
• MI254 Atmos Channels
• MPC1500 Power Center

Universal Controller Savant + Video Source Kaleidescape 4k Player

Thanks for your help,
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According to your needs , Acurus Muse may be a good choice.
It has a 2 channels stereo mode 
The room corrector is coming (ASPECT) You do not have to buy it. The dealer will provide it for the final adjustment.
These are Acurus dealers and HT installers in Dallas
Great explanation of Savant vs Control4 (about 30min long) - things to consider:
Okay.  I changed the speakers to Tekton Design Ulfberht (9.x.4).  The R/L/C will be visible but the sides and back will be in-wall.  I haven't decided on subwoofer count yet, hence the "9.x.4"  

Hat tip to willgolf for the introduction.

I probably won't see them for three months or so based on the back-ordered woofers at Tekton Design.

I'm a little worried the Ulfberht's will overpower the room visually if not sonically, but the reviews are too good to ignore.  My wife can exercise good judgment and better taste in the other rooms in the house.

Only amplifiers and a screen left to pick.   
OMG those are massive.  I think you will be unbelievably happy with the choice and you save a ton of money.  I have a black wall on that side of my theater room so my DI in wall speakers are not obtrusive at all.  That will be a cool look.  I have grill for the speakers which makes them a little less intimidating also.  Yes, it took me awhile to get mine so keep following up.  The subs he built for me a massive also.  I think you can see my theater room on the virtual forum under willgolf if you want to get an idea.  Congrats!!!!
I would like to know which processor , you choose.
I hope , we will see pics you room  one day .